A Colorado Literary Journal

Issue 4 is here and you can find it through local venues; Hooked on Books and Poor Richard’s (Downtown), Ranch Foods Direct (Fillmore), Books For You (8th St) and Independent Records (Platte). Of course — it is also available online.

Support art, creativity, and free-thinking by picking up a copy…every cent of this project goes directly back into our journal and sustains our next theme. Issue Five: Race, Class, and Gender, is coming Summer of 2018.

La Revista Almagre does not charge for submissions, but in the spirit of artistic solidarity, consider purchasing a copy, (where one can find contributors; John NicholsJulie Shavin, Clay Jenkinson, Mike Callicrate, Janice Gould, Jim Ciletti, Lisa Bellamy, Jeb Rosebrook and many more).

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Join our email list for issue/event updates, the occasional exploration on the necessity for stories and art, as well as articles about the Military Veterans’ Community Dialogues. We don’t post too often, so there’s no need to worry about us crowding the mailbox.

A brief word about us: Our journal was conceived in the downtown Y. We publish two book-length, themed issues a year along with special stand-alone projects on the side. Our goal is to promote writers and illustrators from the mountains and the prairies. If you fall outside those geographies, do not worry, we’d still love to see your work. Our intelligent readers enjoy voices from all over the world.

Nichols bio comment
~John Nichols: ISSUE 3, “Environment”
Jenkinson Quote
~Clay Jenkinson: ISSUE 2, “Leadership”
Callicrate Quote
~Mike Callicrate: ISSUE 2, “Leadership”




Stories, poems, essays, memoirs. A Literary Journal: The Almagre Review, La Revista Almagre.



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