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Issue 5: Race*Class*Gender is available and we’ve had a lot of interest. Thank you to everyone who has supported this edition and our journal throughout. We are forever indebted. The stories and poems in issue 5 are engaging, provocative, and rewarding. It can be picked up here on our website, or locations around town: Hooked on Books, Poor Richard’s, Ranch Foods Direct, and Books For You.

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We want to let everyone know that our next issue, the winter release, will be built around veterans. We want stories, (fiction, essays, and memoirs), as well as poems, by the women and men who have served. If you have not, that is fine as well. Many of us were raised by members of the military community, or we married into it. The civilian life in consort with those who have served completes the full picture. Send us your work, we await eagerly the honor of reading your experience.

Thoreau 3

La Revista Almagre does not charge for submissions, but in the spirit of artistic solidarity, consider purchasing a copy, (where one can find contributors; John Nichols, Constance SquiresJulie Shavin, Clay Jenkinson, Mike Callicrate, Janice Gould, Jim Ciletti, Lisa Bellamy, Jeb Rosebrook and many more).

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A brief word about us: Our journal was conceived in the downtown Y. We publish two book-length, themed issues a year along with special stand-alone projects on the side. Our goal is to promote writers and illustrators from the mountains and the prairies. If you fall outside those geographies, do not worry, we’d still love to see your work. Our intelligent readers enjoy voices from all over the world.




Stories, poems, essays, memoirs. A Literary Journal: The Almagre Review, La Revista Almagre.



5 thoughts on “A Colorado Literary Journal

  1. I would like to meet with Dr. Barrera and discuss hispanic history in Colorado with him. I will buy the coffee. I have been interested in the subject since I was a child. Now 74, and with a legal career pretty much behind me, i have time to follow my inclinations. Please ask Dr. Barrera to write. Thanks.

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