A Colorado Literary Journal

Welcome to The Almagre Review/La Revista Almagre. Issue 3: ENVIRONMENT, features an interview with John Nichols along with beautiful works from all over. Support art, creativity, and free-thinking by picking up a copy today!

Issue Four, Language & Music, is in the works. Send in your prose, poetry, and art…reveal, share, elevate, and enhance our understanding as to why language is capable of carrying music’s essential beauty. (Ideas? Think: Jame’s Baldwin’s, “Sonny’s Blues,” or Jhumpa Lahiri’s love affair with Italian. Think Vanja Lazarova’s haunting voice or Melville’s ability to craft every phrase into poetry. Send us a poem in Spanish with a parallel translation. Of course, our ideas are not equal to the riches provided by our contributors. Whatever it is, bring us your best).

We do not charge for submissions, but in the spirit of artistic solidarity, please consider purchasing a copy of our journal, (where one can find contributors; John NicholsJulie Shavin, Clay Jenkinson, Mike Callicrate, Janice Gould, Jim Ciletti, Lisa Bellamy, Jeb Rosebrook and many more).

Please consider joining our email list to get the latest updates…(we don’t post too frequently, so we promise not to crowd your email box).

Our journal was conceived in the downtown Y. We publish two book-length, themed issues a year along with special stand-alone projects on the side. Our goal is to promote writers and illustrators from the mountains and the prairies. If you fall outside those geographies, do not worry, we’d still love to see your work. Our intelligent readers enjoy voices from all over the world.

John Nichols, author of An Elegy for September, The Milagro Beanfield War, The Magic Journey, Nirvana Blues, The Empanada Brotherhood, The Ghost in the Music, American Blood, and many other books.
John Nichols, author of The New Mexico Trilogy, (The Milagro Beanfield War, The Magic Journey, The Nirvana Blues), joins The Almagre Review to discuss his life, his works, and guiding philosophies; portions of which are available in Issue 3, ENVIRONMENT.





One thought on “A Colorado Literary Journal

  1. Nice presentation. I have seen the current Reviews. It would be nice to see some of the editor’s art work on this web page.


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