Chronometer; Building a Publication

beggar walker

Founded: 2016

Internet Barrier

After swinging jawbones in the manner of our ancient primates, dancing around the obelisk monitor, Joe and John start The Almagre website.

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APRIL 2016: The Almagre Visits FM93.9 (Joe and John breach the radio barrier)

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SUMMER: The First Issue reaches the Public…


After four months, Joe and John have dramatically improved their brute swinging skills. By July, staff is confident of maximum physics via the carnival hammer.

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Fall 2016: Leadership. The Almagre sifts back through time to ply answers for its second issue. Some–but not all–are found…

Leadership Courting

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Winter 2016/2017: Issue Two is released. Material includes unexpected Lewis and Clark expert


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After completing Issue Three; an Almagre editor emerges from the forced-labor chamber. Ideas for future issues: Sunlight, tanning, vitamins…

Editing Mine

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Issue Four … Innovation and Efficiency are the new editorial “buzz words.”


AM/PM shift. Literature is hard work.


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Joe and John head to Denver, August 2018. The Almagre finds new friends up north…

Rudolfo Corky Library




A Colorado Literary Journal. The Almagre Review publishes quality fiction, short stories, novel excerpts, memoirs, essays, and intelligent writing that defines the narrative of the Rocky Mountains and the prairies.