Staff of The Almagre Review

Joe Barrera: Founder/Publisher   (

Joe Barrera, Publisher, Literary JournalJoe Barrera, Ph.D, has taught U.S. Southwest Literature and Culture, American Ethnic Studies and American Literature in many institutions of higher learning. He was born in south Texas, in the land that was once the Spanish Mexican province of Nuevo Santander. In memory, the music of words in song, poetry and stories, which he learned as a child listening to the old people, still reverberates. The Almagre Review/La Revista Almagre is an echo of that music.



John Lewis: Artist/Editor   ( Lewis, Editor and Artist, Literary Journal

John received his degree in art from Western State College. After sojourning in Florida, he returned to Colorado to make his home and raise his family. Storytelling has featured prominently in his life ever since he spent his childhood in Italy and discovered the relentless compulsion to write.

John’s fiction has appeared in Chantwood Magazine and Spry Literary Journal.


Kayla Sibigtroth: Editor

Kayla S (AR Journal)A Minnesota native and musician, Kayla works as an Environmental Scientist protecting the waters of the West. A prolific reader, lover, and promoter of the written word, she has the unique ability  to read both the left and right pages at the same time.



Kirsten Alires: Editor/Promotion  (

Kirsten is The Almagre’s techno-expert, optimistic, and hopeful Millenial who is makkirsten-aliresing her mark in this world. She was born into the most incredible family in 1991 in the great city of Omaha, Nebraska. At the age of two, her father was stationed to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she currently resides with her loving husband and three fur-babies.

Kirsten graduated with her M.A. in Communication with an emphasis in Media Relations at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) in December 2015. With this, she works to bring exposure to writers of the Almagre to the broader public through networking activities and social media outlets.





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