John Lewis: Stepping Down

Due to changes in my professional life over the last year, I am no longer in a position to provide the time and energy toward the Almagre Review as a biannual publication. I am stepping down from my editorial role in deference to these circumstances.

It has been an honor to work with each and every contributor the last few years — with six novel length editions containing stories and poetry from people all over the world. I have learned an enormous amount about this process of bringing narrative to fruition and into paper form. It requires tremendous dedication to grant each author the dignity of her time and the humanity of her work — something I’m no longer in a position to do. I am also much more sympathetic to editors and publishers who run magazines and journals. It turns out, they are not the frosty exterior blocking the way to our beautiful prose. Editors and publishers the industry over are by and large quite sympathetic, and have dedicated their livelihood (to great sacrifice) toward actually pulling authors into the professionally published world.

Because Colorado Springs has a deep connection to John Nichols and his work, The Almagre Review still plans to finish the project of publishing our interview and essay collection about John and his novels. The finished publication will be available locally and on our site.

The website will remain functioning too, and Joe and I can still be contacted through it.

With Gratitude,

John Lewis

3 thoughts on “John Lewis: Stepping Down

  1. As just one reader of the A-Review I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a superb job in the process of tweaking and suggesting and giving poetry to the placement of words on behalf of the authors that you’ve worked with and the publication that you’ve been a significant part of….Dr.Mike


  2. Having worked with you and Joe on stories for Almagre Review/La Revista Almagre, I have an inkling as to how hard you both work to put out a journal that is diverse in content, compellingly readable with a local-yet-international sense. I wish you a productive journey on your road ahead.


  3. thank you, the opportunity to meet you and your wife is a fond memory, good luck with the upcoming life is a process not an event dream well, abraham



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