Publisher, Joe Barrera, shares about John Nichols

Issue 3 of The Almagre Review–Environment–features an interview with Taos writer John Nichols.

We are fortunate to have with us a writer and philosopher whose name everyone knows.

John T. Nichols, best known for his Milagro Beanfield War Trilogy, lives in Taos, a mere 4-hour drive from Colorado Springs. He has written numerous novels, whose setting is usually the hardscrabble Chicano villages of northern New Mexico. John Nichols captures the ambiance and the culture of the people of northern New Mexico like no other writer, whether Anglo or Hispanic. If for no other reason, this would set him apart as an American writer of the first-class–one who is faithful and accurate in rendering his subject matter–and in the process revealing to the world a much ignored people who deserve to be recognized.

John T. Nichols is also a prophet, warning us of the fragility of our planet. He is a lover of nature, happiest when he is climbing the peaks of the Sangre de Cristo and fishing in the Big River, el Rio Grande. HIs latest environmental book, the last in a long list of books dealing with nature, is called My Heart Belongs to Nature. Read it. You will be moved at the lyricism of his descriptions and the beauty of his photographs.

Joe Barrera, publisher
The Almagre Review
June 18, 2017

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