Fall Theme: Leadership

Position: Vacant.

Seeking: qualified storytellers to fill the role. Send us your impassioned illustration of leadership.

Somewhere along the spectrum, between the artist and the politician, lies the fulcrum upon which the weight of both sit. Lately, our leaders have stepped off, and we the artists find ourselves sitting upon the ground.

Time to stand up.

The Almagre Review invites you, send us your work, your literature, essays, memoirs, and drawings. As leadership seemingly evaporates from up top, we the storytellers must dust off our jeans, rub our hands, and shiny up the notion of our best qualities. Creativity, inspiration, initiative, industriousness and enthusiasm has always come from flesh and blood close around. Reach out your hands, touch your neighbor, and rediscover the true source of leadership.

The Almagre Review/La Revista Almagre asks you to help fill our next issue with this stubborn quality… optimism.

We look forward to your work,

Joe and John

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