Upcoming Themes

We have closed down submissions for issue 1 of The Almagre Review/La Revista Almagre.  However, future issues are already taking shape in their primordial brew.

Here are the themes we are kicking about in hopes to tease out more of Colorado’s great local talent; Leadership, the Environment, and In-Between Spaces.

Like “Coming Home,” These can mean many things to different people; many things even to the same person.  Leadership may be traditionally identified on the battlefield, in social activism, or even a revolutionary ideologue.  But what about in the subtler, perhaps more interesting places?  It can just as easily be demonstrated in acts of kindness between two strangers at the bus stop, the grocery clerk and shopper, a food server and patron.  It can be wisdom imparted from an Aunt to her niece.

The Environment, of course, is almost stillborn with cliches and pre-supposed political/philosophical conclusions.  But… suppose how a homeowner might integrate her garden into the local constraints of Colorado weather, or how the food harvested plays a role in the family’s diet.  The Environment might be the location where an addict finds possibility in his recovery through a communion with nature.

And… when it comes to In-Between Places, we are fraught with a theme so endlessly complex, it threatens to pause creativity.  But, here, we have an idea that is perhaps more extant in the geography of the mind than even the geography of the land.  People live in the In-Between Spaces in many, many ways.  A military spouse whose loved-one is deployed overseas carries on a double-existence as much as the first generation immigrant.

Here at The Almagre Review, we’re proud to work with our local artists, and look forward to the shape and form our community designs for future publications.


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